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2012 Bay Area Termite customer comments


I did my research and had 4 termite inspectors come to my home. They all said something slightly different.

Bay Area Termite was the most reasonable in terms of cost and treatment, and they are honest. Where one company said that there was an infestation, BAT said it was old droppings. I confirmed this by cleaning the area and waiting to see if new droppings appeared. (Even a year later there were still no new droppings in that area!) Thank you, Mark!

BAT is a family business that really cares about customer satisfaction. They have great communication skills. Mary even called me several times just to update me on minor things, and it was refreshing to get that personal attention.

The one down side to BAT is that their business is booming because they are so good! You might have to wait a week or two to get an appointment, but the wait is worth it! When they do come, they are punctual and get work done at a good pace.

The work that BAT performed was incredible. They even treated a new area of infestation in our yard that wasn’t previously on any reports. The work Casey and Mark did was professional and considerate of my three children. They gave me the extra courtesy by asking me when naptime was so the drilling noise wouldn’t wake the baby. In the end I could barely even tell that they were at my home.

One special touch that I noted was that they used a real cloth drop cloth instead of plastic! For a company that cares about the environment by using natural “chemicals” for the termites, they really showed that they truly care about the environment by also reducing what goes into the landfill.

I give an A+ to Bay Area Termite.

Amelia S., San jose, CA – 1/10/2012

Bay Area Termite is outstanding. Reasonable price. Clean and pleasant people. On time. No mess. We were delighted with the entire experience. We live near the beach in Aptos and have had periodic termite infestations for 36 years now, it’s a fact of life here. This is the first time we’ve had no mess, no damage, and no bad smells. They cleaned up after themselves and unlike any other pest-control outfit, when they made holes to access the bugs they filled them up afterward so they don’t show in my open-beam ceilings. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody and if we need termite eradication again I’ll be sure to call them. You can’t go wrong with Bay Area Termite.

Their spot-treatment doesn’t require you to move out and it’s overwith quickly. The price was less than half of tenting, and it leaves a residual so they guarantee it for two years. A scent of oranges remains for about a day but goes away quickly if you open your windows.

I might add–they aren’t real estate inspectors as such, they are pest-control people. They are in the business of killing your bugs, not certifying your house pest-free for nothing. The free estimate should be regarded in that light.

Frances C., Santa Cruz, CA

Mark is friendly, thorough, and honest.

He came to inspect our house for termites, and he was the most thorough of all the inspectors. He took the time to go into the attic and identify the location of termite evidence. Based on his findings (interior + exterior), he recommended that we fumigate, even though his company uses orange oil treatment and does not fumigate. I appreciate his honesty and recommendation for what is best for his client.

Communication was excellent throughout the process — from setting up the appointment, working with me to move up our appointment date, explaining his findings as we walked around the house and afterwards, report arrived in my inbox one business day after the inspection.

Highly recommend!

KP H, Mountain View, CA

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