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2011 Bay Area Termite customer comments


Short version:
Bay Area Termite correctly and honestly identified a very limited termite infestation, and recommended a $15 to $100 solution that I could implement on my own, where others had recommended expensive solutions of up to $1900 for treating (in one instance) infestations that nobody else can find.

The details:
Having realized too after the fact when I first bought my house nine years ago that I’d been lied to by Omega about the presence of subterranean termites in the crawlspace of my house, when I recently found drywood termites in an outbuilding, I resolved to educate myself, check reviews, and get multiple inspections before spending a large amount of money again for termite control.

* Clark Pest Control (Amin Hasan, Livermore) came to my home, did a thorough inspection, gave an honest assessment of my very limited termite infestation problem. Only problem: the proposed solution involved tenting the structure at a cost of $1400, and with the likely outcome that a 30-foot tall wisteria plant would be killed in the process. High integrity, competent, but recommended a sledgehammer to for swatting flies.

* Pacific Coast Termite (Chris Johnston, Fremont) found the same things that Clark found, plus drywood termites in my crawlspace that neither I nor either of the other two pest-control companies were able to find. Given that I’d previously been sold unneeded services for subterranean termites that never existed by someone that thought I’d never go under the house and look for myself, I was (and continue to be) skeptical. Recommended solution: $1900 worth of orange-oil and Bora-care application and a recommendation to hire a contractor to repair damage. Seemed to be competent, but not completely clear on the integrity.

* Bay Area Termite (Mark Weeks, Campbell) found the same things that Clark found, no evidence of any other termite infestations. After a thorough inspection, BAT recommended that this was something well within my ability to address on my own. He said that he thought it would be unethical for him to propose anything else, as his minimum charge is $1500, and this limited infestation is something that I should be able to confidently treat for between $15 and $100 to purchase the very same products that a professional would be using. Highest integrity, highly competent, decent people.

All I can say is that at this point it’s completely clear to me who I will be turning first , should I find myself with new termite infestations.

Ed P., Fremont, CA – 12/15/2011

Professional, thorough, clean and punctual are a few words that come to mind. After a thorough inspection in the garage, attic and crawl space, Mark assured me that what I had thought was evidence of termites, was not. It is good to find honest professionals and I will definitely recommend Bay Area Termite to anyone who asks!

Doug C., San Jose, CA – 12/13/2011

Took some time to book the inspection, but the wait was worth it. Mike was the most detailed inspector, and choosing Bay Area Termites was also the most affordable. The team came in time, did a very clean job. I was very impressed by their level of professionality.

It was a pleasure doing business with them.

Amri L., Sunnyvale, CA – 11/13/2011

Mark and his two guys from Bay Area Termite were just at my home. A window sill in our 1939 home had a tell-tale pile of fine wood grains on it. So we made an appt with mom (Mary). And I just experienced what all the rave reviews before this talked about.

Let me tell you, this review is simple: IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE TERMITES, JUST CALL THESE GUYS. That’s it. Period. Done. Don’t waste time “pondering” if anyone else is better. Consider that question of life answered. Just move on.

Mark and his team at Bay Area Termite are among the most honest, polite, knowledgeable, efficient, thoughtful, and personable folks you will ever meet. After crawling all over our house (and cleaning up after themselves), Mark explained that we have termites in only one spot and that they are the slow moving kind. Despite finding evidence of past infestations (inactive) in other areas, Mark explained that we really don’t need to do a house-wide treatment (which is all they do). He could have pushed for things we didn’t need but he was honest. In fact, he showed me in detail how to treat the spot ourselves if we choose not to hire a spot treatment company. After they left, I realized that Casey and John (? sorry) had already carefully replaced all the furniture I had moved to give them access to the basement. Unreal. PLUS they loved my cats. Extra unreal.

Get this: For a few moments, I actually felt BAD that we didn’t need a full $1550 treatment. (And no, I am not nuts. We are financially strapped like everyone else.) THAT’S how good these guys are. If I had to pay someone, it would definitely be Mark and his crew.

As someone else said below, I didn’t know they still made tradesmen this honest and thoughtful. I wish they did spot treatments…

Give them your business. You won’t be sorry.

Elaine Y., San Jose, CA – 11/8/2011

VERY Impressed with how professional this company operates … from their office assistant to the very follow-up of their inspection process. I had at least 3 other different estimates & Bay Area Termite was #1 when it came to the most honest & at the same time most thorough inspections out of the other 3-estimates I had. Mark (the owner) was so good about explaining how “Orange Oil” treatment works as opposed to fumigating or tenting.
I did not select this company only because it is more expensive than tenting but if I was not on such a strict budget I would have definitely selected the “Orange Oil” treatment over Fumigation.
#1 reason is I feel fumigation does not deter drywood termites from coming back … it dissipates very quickly (although it will get rid of any hidden termites you may not detect).
Orange Oil Treatment will remain & not dissipate for quite sometime. Another good factor it’s a lot easier as you don’t have to move out of your house. MUCH BETTER For the Environment too.
If you can afford the cost it’s certainly the best way to go, and I would highly recommend Bay Area Termites … I don’t think you will be disappointed in their A+ Professional & Friendly service. By the way, their inspection report was so much more thorough than the other companies I had estimates with.

Anna P., San Jose, CA – 9/30/2011

I started my contract with Bay Area Termite a year ago. Found them on yelp itself, and am so glad I chose them over Terminex! Those guys wanted to treat stuff in the crawl space, which Mark from bay area termite said was an old infestation that was not active. Also, the guy from Terminex completely missed a spot in a hard to reach space in the attic, which Mark found and treated. To top it all, when I suspected an outside infestation had returned, Casey came out to treat it and re-inspected the house then, plus at the anniversary of the contract.
Thoroughly professional, courteous and honest. Mary on the phone is also most polite and a pleasure to talk to. Now all I need is a plumbing service with an equally good record… the fun of home ownership never stops (sigh!)

Manu G., San Francisco, CA – 9/10/2011

Booked Termite Service with Bay Area Termite in June. Found them to be polite, punctual, and real good at explaining their craft. I started remodeling bathrooom(s)90 days later, found additional infestation. Due to a tight schedule, Casey shows up on Labor Day weekend?.. Yes, he came to my house on a holiday to do work at no charge on my home because I was concerned and worried about delays. Mark showed up today to apply additional coverage to the outside wall as a preventative measure. Service at its best, book these guys, today. I am not easily impressed, this company is the bomb!

…..wow…I just read all their praises, damn, thought I was special, sounds like their standard operating procedure. Nice job guys.

Michael C., Los Altos, CA – 9/8/2011

You cannot find better termite professionals than the team of Mark and Casey. This is a family business — mom’s the receptionist, son is Mark and Casey is Mark’s nephew. I cannot praise them highly enough. They are thorough and in the business to do the best job possible. Only someone with the highest integrity would do a free inspection (they went into the CRAWLSPACE!!) and then let you know that you DO NOT NEED any work!!!!! Who works like this anymore? I love these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless this family!! I will recommend them high and low to everyone.

Lalu B., Redwood City, CA – 8/30/2011

This company is very honest. They came in to bid on my project. They went up and down to search for evidence of termite and finally told me I actually do not have termite problem. The other company who said I need to get the treatment was either not honest or not knowledgable. They even explained how some of the evidence could be mistaken as termite but they aren’t. By doing so, they didn’t make any money off me. But you bet when I do have termite problem, they’d be the first I call.

btw, they may not always return your call timely. Well, small company… I can justify that. Thank you Mark!

Yue T., Mountain View, CA – 8/21/2011

I found termites in my house on a Friday afternoon, and Mary the scheduler was able to squeak in an appointment for us Tuesday morning. Mark and Casey arrived and got down to business.

They were able to reassure us that the areas we’d had treated last year (by another company, before we moved in) looked fine and explained where the new infestation most likely was.

I appreciated his honesty, suggestions, and explanations and would definitely recommend them. I would not hesitate to call them again.

Gina R., Mountain View, CA – 7/19/2011

Mark and Casey came over for an initial inspection. Professional, courteous and prompt. And above all, simply honest and thorough in their assessment, which I am sure is what’s most valued during this stage. They even noted places that needn’t be treated, as the other company would suggest, so as not to “waste” money quite yet. Unfortunately, Mark noted that the localized area in the house that can use treatment isn’t suitable for orange oil treatment, so he doesn’t feel confident using this technique; he even then refers another company that employs the alternative technique. This in itself shows what a great team and people they are. Highly recommend.

Philip T., Cupertino, CA – 5/11/2011

I was so impressed by Bay Area Termite. We have a large house and we know nothing about termites so are perfect people to be taken advantage of . After his inspection, Mark gave us the options for treatment (we have a very small infestation) but essentially said we don’t really need to treat. I really appreciate his honesty. Also, he and his associate were people you feel quite comfortable having in your house. I highly recommend Bay Area!

Nikki B., Los Altos, CA – 4/19/2011

We were very pleased with Bay Area’s Termite from initial contact until the completion of the job. I feel we got a thorough free inspection. We discussed solutions. They came out within a week and took care of the problem and will come back in year to check whether the infestation returns. The project was completed quickly, cleanly (I didn’t have to vaccum later even though they went under the house) and professionally. Best of all we were supporting a local small business.

We would use them again. Hopefully, we will not need to.

Faye S., Campbell, CA – 2/28/2011