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2010 Bay Area Termite customer comments


BA termite is great. Mary is super sweet and helfpul and Mark is so thorough. Plus, he was really mindful about trying to keep our floors clean by wearing/ changing the shoe covers while going in/ out of the crawl space whereas another competitor did not do that and tracked fine dirt all over my new house!! not cool. BA termite has competitive prices on top of it as well!

Ju C., San Jose, CA – 9/9/2010

We bought our house two months ago. The house was sold as-is so we need to take care of termite ourselves. We found Mark’s company in yelp and he was so gracious to squeeze in an hour to check our house (we needed to move-in in less than a week). His quote was very reasonable. Since most of the work would be involving prevention spree for the attic and crawl space, we decided not do the work right away. Since we’re planning remodel the house. I wish he could give us separate quotes for treatment and prevention. We would have done the treatment 1st and save the prevention after remodeling.

We did offer $200 to cover his one hour inspection work and he turned it down. Very decent man.

V.Y., Santa Clara, CA – 7/22/2010

We found Bay Area Termite through the Yelp reviews-which have have been extremely helpful in the past for house/appliance/car repairs and maintenance….

We had an inspection about three weeks ago…only after Mary (in the office) carefully determined over the phone that we needed professional help. At first, she suggested that we take care of it on our own-but my husband dislikes termites to the max and wanted them eradicated "big time".

After our 1 1/2 hour free inspection, Mark did say that our attic and crawlspace had several infestations. He returned in three weeks (they are busy!) and spent almost four hours (with his assistant) spraying the orange oil. My husband even was invited up to the attic so he could observe the process.

Mark was prompt, courteous and totally professional. We feel that we got our money’s worth. His work has a two year guarantee and he said that if our roofers discover any more infestations this fall, he will come out the next day to take are of it.

Judy K., Saratoga, CA – 7/12/2010

Excellent experience from their quick scheduling, to careful inspection, and their thorough, environmentally friendly treatment.  Easy and painless (for me, anyway!).  Competitively priced and no tenting or anything–didn’t need to leave the house at all.  Two-year guarantee with follow-up inspections and any needed treatments sealed the deal for me.  Thanks to other Yelpers for the good references!

B.S., Menlo Park, CA – 5/16/2010

We got excellent service from Mark and Bay Area Termite. He had the best rate and gave us a two year warranty(with two follow-up checks). I went with him because of his price, and another company seemed too machine like(multiple calls/emails to us regarding if we were going to use there service).
Mark came out and did it himself in a couple of hours.
I would definitely recommend him to any friends or family.

Chuck C., San Jose, CA – 5/6/2010

This is based on their inspection.  We went with another company and regretted it.  Mark inspected our newly bought home with my fiance and was extremely honest and informative.  He spent an abundant amount of time reviewing the interior/exterior and explaining the process and different treatments possible.  In fact, he stated that he didn’t believe we needed treatment since the termites signs were minimal.  Which would of saved money, but if we were concerned that we could locally treat certain areas.

At the time, I was concerned that we should go for a more established company since I’ve never dealt with this before, so we went with another company and did not have good results.  I suspect we would have had much better service from Mark if we would of contracted with him for the minimal work done.

Roseanne S., Santa Clara, CA – 4/5/2010

It’s pretty rare these days to find a business which truly cares about their customers, honest and have a true passion for their business. But Bay Area Termite is all of the above and more. Mark came out to my house today for an inspection because I spotted somewhat appeared to be termite droppings. Mark confirmed that it was indeed termite dropping and was very informative and treated the area. I had previously called for an inspection from a "larger termite company" and the sales guy/inspector came out and tried to sell me everything under the sun. I did not tell Mark that, when he came but after looking over my house his recommendation on what needed to be done was way less than the "big company". And the big company also required a separate appointment to treat the termites which was not the case with Mark. I would recommend Bay Area Termite to everyone needing termite treatment. One last thing Bay Area Termite uses environmental friendly Orange Oil.

Ouate D., Santa Clara, CA – 2/16/2010

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