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2009 Bay Area Termite customer comments


Our complex recently had some concerns about possible termite issues. One of the residents did a search of different companies and we decided to go with Bay Area Termite.

Mark came out, inspected each unit carefully, and concluded we did not need have any termites.

When my neighbor first told me that this company did free inspections, I happy but was concerned that the information given might not be true and the company would try to upsell us on services. I’ve seen this happen with other companies before.

This was not the case. Mark is honest and we would have no hesitation about using their services in the future.

(And no, the company did not ask me to write this. I felt that as an honest company, they deserved it!)

L.C., Burlingame, CA – 12/3/2009

I highly recommend this company. Mark was extremely professional and informative about termites and treatment options (including orange oil).

He conducted a thorough investigation (over 2 hours) at NO CHARGE. We were fortunate that he found no wood destroying organisms in any of the 6 condo units or common areas.

We will definitely use Bay Area Termite for future inspections and any treatment that might be needed.

Rachel E., Burlingame, CA – 12/3/2009

Excellent company!! From my previous experiences dealing with termite and pest control companies I’ve found it is very similar as dealing with car salesmen; i.e. never knowing if I should believe what they were telling me but knowing it would end up costing me a lot of money!! However, my experience dealing with Bay Area Termite was the opposite.

When I recently noticed some termite droppings in a vent opening into our house’s crawl space, I made an appointment with Bay Area Termite for their advertised FREE inspection. Mark Weeks, owner of Bay Area Termite, came to our house and spent nearly 2-hours giving our house (including the attic and crawl space) a very thorough inspection. At the completion of the inspection, Mark reported that the termite infestation was rather minor and suggested that I do the treatment myself. Mark provided me with all the information I need to do this work and told me that he would return to inspect our house if I saw any additional termite activity after I completed his recommended treatment.

Please note that prior to Mark’s visit, I had two other companies (Terminix and Pacific Coast Termite) look at our termite problem. After these companies did very brief inspections (and not bothering to look in the crawl space or attic areas) they provided me with estimates of $1800 and $2250 for their recommended treatments. Also, the treatment recommended by Terminix was to "tent" the house which would require us to move out of the house for 3 days (also removing all food items from the house)! I later learned that this treatment option would probably kill some of our recently installed landscaping and also require removal of some of our redwood deck at the rear of our house (I assume these replacement cost weren’t included in their estimate).

Thanks to Bay Area Termite, I was able to solve my termite problem after purchasing less than $20 of termite spray from Home Depot and with an hour of my time!! It’s a pleasure to find a company that you can trust and isn’t trying to squeeze every dollar out of you!

Robert L., San Mateo, CA – 11/16/2009

Hats off to Bay Area Termite company A +++++ Company.  I had purchased a bank owned condo and was going thru the remodeling process when a week after I closed escrow I noticed swarmer drywood termites in my guest bedroom ewwwwww!!!! 1000’s of them. I had originally called out Terminex they were helpful they wanted me to tear out walls that is a scary thought so I thought I would explore my options with something more eco friendly since I have pets. I called the 800 number for Bay area termites panicked at 6:30 am and I can not believe a real live person answered the phone she was my savior Mark’s Mom Mary she gets an A++++++ for customer service she is great at making you feel calm and that she will see you thru to the end.  Mark’s schedule was booked so Mary took it upon herself to move some of his appointments around so he could come and help me God Bless you Mary!!!! Mark came out he is as honest as the day is long and with no evidence of where the swarmers were coming from he made the recommendation for me to just wait and said they will eventually show themselves. 10 days went by and I had not seen 1 drywood swarmer finally thinking I could  relax and not worry so much. then low and behold I look in the bedroom at  8:30 p,m and  you guessed it more swarmers so I sent mark an email when I got home and he answered right away  and recommended he do a treatment and told me he had an opening the next day.  He came over the next morning and we went thru some paperwork and he then started exploring every stud in my guest bedroom and no sign of any dry wood swarmer termite infestation. I went in and asked mark how things were going and he looked up at me and said ya know I am starting to think they might be in the floor I only have a few more studs to drill. I then told mark I was going to leave for work and about 1/2 hour later he called me to say he found the infestation an sure enough it was in the floor beneath my condo. He treated with Orange Oil and explained the whole process to me.

so far so good we are keeping an eye on the room for the next few weeks but hey I am finally sleeping without so much stress or worries thanks to Mark Weeks and his mom Mary.

Mary you are a true asset to the company and Mark  what a great business you have built it is no wonder it is so successfull with the tremendous customer service you offer and your ability to put customers minds at ease with your professionalism and honesty.

Many Thanks and I will continue to do business with you so that my new condo can have a clean bill of health.

My best to both of you

Kim Fujimori, San Mateo CA – 7/31/2009

I had several termite companies came over to look at my termite situation.

Mark Weeks came over this morning. He is a owner/operator which I like. As part of the process, he was inspecting my attic, I have a low attic and he could not go out too much and inspect the whole house. Instead of telling me all is fine, he said he could not do the job without a full inspection and apologized for wasting my time . He suggested me to check with a different company (he gave me the name) and told me to ask for a smaller inspector when I call so this other company can do the proper inspection.

Among all the companies that came to our house, actually he is the one who did the most in my attic. Others just took a peek (if that much) and assume all is fine.

Even though I do not use his service, he impressed me as an honest person and a competent owner/operator. I gave him 5 star not because of the termite work but for his professional conducts compared with all other companies who did the inspection.

Ken S., Palo Alto, CA – 7/1/2009

I am very impressed with Bay Area Termite. I made an appointment to have an inspection, as I had noticed termite evidence in my garage. The appointment was confirmed by phone in advance, and Mark arrived exactly on time. I am at home right now with a new baby, and I felt very comfortable with Mark in my home. Mark did a very thorough inspection –even cleaned up the bits of attic insulation and dust that dropped during the inspection. It was a really fabulous customer experience.

Jennifer T., San Jose, CA – 4/20/2009

Contacted several Orange Oil companies in the Bay Area and they were all infuriating. Most said they couldn’t come out and perform an inspection for a month or more. I found Bay Area Termite through a Google search and got a call back after a day or so. A week or so later I had an inspection done and the work was completed two weeks later.

The only problem I had was with some odor that persisted for longer than expected. I was thoroughly satisfied with this company and would recommend them to friends and family without hesitation.

Tom E., San Leandro, CA

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