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Termite Treatment Methods

How Do I Know I Have Termites?

Termites have been around for millions of years. They are the ultimate “Survivor”. It is absolutely impossible to eliminate termites, but very possible to “control” them. For many years the Pest Control Industry treated termite infestations with chemicals. The industry accepted the use of these synthetic compounds because it believed there was no other way to treat for termites. There is a large amount of new information on the biology and behavior of termites, which has led to new termite treatment methods to control termites.

In addition, when pest control operators choose old traditional methods, the homeowner soon realizes the inconveniences and expense associated with these techniques. Bay Area Termite offers a variety of termite treatments that do not subject the homeowner to these inconveniences.


Bay Area Termite offers a full range of options and each individual property requires a customized termite treatment plan to ensure the best possible result. We carry a complete line of the latest most effective termite removal products.


Our goal is to provide the most effective termite removal plan suitable for your unique situation. As an example, the subterranean termites require a different method of treatment than drywood termites as their nests are often far from the houses on which they feed. The subterranean termites are common in the Bay Area.


Below are some of the other products we use for termite treatment:


Termidor SC

TermidorTermidor SC is used for soil treatments to eliminate and protect against subterranean termites and is made from a revolutionary new non-repellent or undetectable chemical technology treatment, which most termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid. Instead they contact, ingest, and share it with their nest mates.

After Termidor is applied, termites that contact it transfer it to every other termite in the colony in a unique process called the “Transfer Effect.” And because Termidor is engineered to be slow-acting, termites have ample time to spread it throughout their entire termite population. With Termidor, termites will spread the chemical around the colonies deep into areas that are not even treated.


timborTim-bor® Professional can be used to control carpenter ants, drywood termites, wood decay fungi, and wood boring beetles. It will also control some subterranean termites which are active in wood. This product does crystallize as a dust leaving surface residues which can control most pests which come in contact with it. As a water soluble powder, it can be used as a dust or mixed with water. It can also be used as a liquid foam with the introduction of a foaming agent using foaming equipment.

Tim-bor® Professional is odorless and will not stain wood or other materials. It is non-corrosive so it will not affect nails, screws, supports, or lag bolts. It will not affect galvanized metal components



Premise Foam

Premise Foam San Jose Termite RemovalPremise Foam is the only non-repellent termiticide available in a portable instant foam. No measuring, mixing or waiting around required. Premise Foam delivers precisely formulated dry foam every time, under any conditions, to attack termite problems on the spot.




Fast and easy to use – ideal for targeted applications

  • Ready-to-use can means no bulky equipment needed
  • No setup time or mixing concerns
  • Long-lasting residue delivers long-term termite control
  • Undetectable by termites
  • Expands at a 30:1 ratio to thoroughly cover hard-to-reach areas such as inside termite galleries, wall voids, floor joists and more

Bay Area Termite is your drywood termite spot treatment specialist. We only do spot treatments in living spaces...WE DON"T DO WHOLE HOUSE INSPECTIONS. Call 530-665-6015 to Book an Appointment!