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Signs of Termites

How Do I Know I Have Termites?

According to , termite removal and repairs in the U.S. are estimated to cost more than $5 billion every year. The earlier you can detect termites, the less damage there will be and therefore termite removal will be less costly.


Soldier Termite with Workers

Soldier Termite with Workers

Here are some potential warning signs:


  • Termite Swarmers:

    The first and most obvious clue is if you notice small flying insects around your house. They are most common in the spring, but do to the secretive nature of termites it is unlikely you will spot them.

  • Check Wooden Areas:

    Using a screwdriver, poke different areas throughout your house. If the tip goes in easily it is a sign that it’s hollowed out and you have termites.

  • Mud Tubes:

    They can be easily noticed when found along exterior walls or in the foundation of your home. These mud tubes are used by subterranean termites to connect their colonies to the food sources above ground. They are comprised of soil and wood mixed with termite saliva.

  • Cracked Paint on Wood Surfaces:

    Termites can enter through tiny openings, so monitor and seal any areas of concern. If you begin to notice cracked paint or bubbles, you most likely need to seek out termite removal services.

  • Frass:

    Otherwise known as termite droppings, is a sure sign that you have a termite infestation. If seen, immediately schedule a termite inspection.

If you think that you have any of these signs contact Bay Area Termite, one of the best San Jose termite removal companies, today to set up your free termite inspection!  We serve all cities within 30 miles of San Jose!

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