Do I Have Termites? | San Jose Termite Removal
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Signs of Termites

How do I know I have termites?

Learn how to identify termites and what warning signs you need to look out for. It is vital to catch termites early before they can do serious damage to your home. If you think you may have termites, call us today for your free termite inspection.


Subterranean termite species live in the ground and travel up into the wood using migratory shelter tubes (mud tubes). They are made up of soil and their droppings Moisture, cellulose debris and wood to earth contact can attract subterranean termites. Look for mud tubes on exterior or basement walls and tubes dropping down from interior ceilings. You may also see them swarming after a rain. They have four long wings and black bodies about the size of ants.


 Drywood termite species live inside wood and get all the nutrients and moisture they need from the wood. The most common sign of active drywood termites is the six sided fecal pellets (droppings) they produce. The termites bore holes through the wood or sheetrock and “kick out” the pellets. This is why these are called kick out holes. Tight mounds or scattered pellets indicate the presence of drywood termites. Even if you clean up the pellets they will usually reappear the next day. Once a colony is mature enough they produce swarmers. Swarmers are termites that morph into flying termites to exit the colony and create a new colony. They are about the size of a grain of rice with black bodies, red heads and four long wings. These swarmers occur in the hot summer months and are usually found near lighted areas like windows.


 What does an inspection entail?


Bay Area Termite provides FREE termite inspections. We do very thorough inspections and identify all wood destroying organisms. We inspect areas such as; attic space, crawl space, exterior of home, interior of home, and garage. Once we identify all the wood destroying organisms we send a report to the home owner explaining the findings and recommendation for treatment.

Bay Area Termite is your drywood termite spot treatment specialist. We only do spot treatments in living spaces...WE DON"T DO WHOLE HOUSE INSPECTIONS. Call 530-665-6015 to Book an Appointment!