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About Us

Mark and Cameron Weeks

Founded by Mark Weeks, Bay Area Termite is one of the best San Jose termite removal companies, provides termite control services to the Northern California and surrounding areas while minimizing the impact on the environment by using a renewable resource derived from Oranges as a pesticide for drywood termites.

Our Mission Statement:
Providing quality service while respecting and protecting the quality of life for our customers, their families and the environment”.
Our Company:

The experts at Bay Area Termite have adopted and improved a process for termite removal that is proven effective and less harmful. Bay Area Termite controls termites without the inconveniences and added costs associated with other methods that necessitate packing food, possible plant and roof damage, and costly move-outs.

Bay Area Termite is proud to offer these services:

– Thorough inspections by highly trained, state licensed inspectors
– Borascope Technology, utilized in viewing “inaccessible areas”
– A New Generation in Termite Control
– Two year warranty
– Wood destroying pest inspection
– We use a variety of chemicals to eradicate the areas of termite infestation

Why Bay Area Termite?

Affordable, friendly Termite Protection Service. Free termite inspections. Best prices for termite removal in San Jose and the Bay Area. Free online quotes. Non-toxic termite treatment. Read the reviews from the real customers at Yelp.com 

Areas We Serve

We’re based in the San Jose area, but we service the following counties: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento, Napa, Yolo, Colusa & Yuba.

Bay Area Termite is your drywood termite spot treatment specialist. We only do spot treatments in living spaces...WE DON"T DO WHOLE HOUSE INSPECTIONS. Call 530-665-6015 to Book an Appointment!